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The solution to all your commercial hot water needs

Capacity: 50 to 300 L


Outputs: 1800 to 3000 W depending on capacity


Models: vertical wall-mounted, horizontal wall-mounted, floor-standing


Indicator light for ACI system (green) and the heating system (orange)


Dielectric connector supplied as standard


Ceramic heating element housed in an enamelled sleeve:

- easy to maintain with no need to drain

- limits scale deposits (low surface temperature: 4 W / cm2)

- silent

- extended lifetime for the appliance


PA GxcxcxcE1.jpg

Tank protection:

- Glass-lined tank with titanium and copper

- impressed current titanium anode (ACI technology) to protect the tank against corrosion                                        

- permanent protection, with no need to change the anode


Anti-dry heating protection: prevents heating when there is no water 


0% CFC high-density polyurethane insulation foam


Easy to install: handling ring


Control: electronic thermostat with the possibility of changing the temperature range of 50 to 65 °C.

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