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The promise of high-performance

Over & Under Sink Heaters

Capacity: 15 to 50 L


Output: 1600 or 2000 W



Under sink (10 and 15 L) 

Over sink (10 to 50 L)


Compact size


Copper sheathed heating element 

(9 W /cm2)


Rapid heating time


Optimum protection of the tank against corrosion:

- Glass-lined tank with titanium and copper

- magnesium anode


Easy access to the tank via tapped end clamp for easier maintenance

Full aftersales service, 2Yr Warranty

Equipped with O’PRO technology (protective ohmic resistance): which increases the life of the Anode by 50%

which, in turn, extends the life of the unit.


Optimised inlet diffuser: for the best use of the quantity of hot water


Temperature easily adjusted: external control knob


Heating indicator light


0% CFC polyurethane insulation foam


Dielectric connector supplied as standard: protects the hot water outlet against corrosion

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