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Flow rate of up to : 180 m3/h
Manometric head of up to: : 17 mWC
Max. operating pressure : 10 bar
Fluid temperature limit : -10 to +110°C
Max. ambient temperature : 40°C
DN (nominal diameter) of threaded ports: : DN 1" to 11/4"
DN flanged ports : DN 32 to DN 80
Mains supply : 1~230 V, 50/60 Hz
P2 power : Up to 1.3 kW
Simple/Normal/ Back-up and Cascade operation : 1 or 2 motor units
Regulation mode : Control of speed and constant or variable delta pressure
EEI-Part 2 : See product sheet



For the circulation of abrasive residue-free heating, cooling or iced water in collective residential and tertiary buildings.



• Energy savings
  Savings of up to 80% compared to a fixed-speed circulating pump
• Easy installation
  Light and compact product
  Simplified electrical connections: wiring and setting components on the front panel.
  Gateway and external power supply not necessary (communication)
• Easy maintenance
  Automatic venting and degumming
  Electronic module can be replaced without draining the system
  Display of operating information and error codes on LCD screen
  Tapped flanges for measurement of total dynamic head
• Pump protection
  Pre-integrated and calibrated thermal protection
  Module offset towards the front preventing infiltrations and condensations
  Cataphoresis-coated, corrosion-resistant housing
• Acoustic comfort
  Wet-running technology
  Automatic adaptation of motor speed to the system's needs reduces noise from terminals
  and circulating pump.



• Motor
  Dry running, permanent magnet synchronous motor conforming to the regulations
  Integral variable frequency drive
• Hydraulics
  High-efficiency 3D hydraulics
  Cataphoretic coating on single and double housings

Priux Master 32-55 (32 mm 8 mt head) 

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